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Latex Dip Molding

North American Latex Corporation is one of the largest latex bladder and bulb manufacturers in the world. Our specialty is custom designed medical grade latex parts and components for the medical and veterinary industries. We produce many Standard Size Latex Bladders with a variety of stem options as well as Standard Latex Bulbs in 1.625" diameter and large 2" diameter sizes. In addition to the blood pressure line, we manufacture Finger Cots, Stethoscope Tubes, Ostomy Collectors, Urinary Bags, Pipe Seal Bladders, Half Bulbs, .75", 1", 2" diameter flat bulbs, and various other parts.

We are a registered FDA Component Manufacturer and can produce complete assemblies. Part assembly ranges from multiple parts made entirely in-house to sourcing outside parts to create the final device or component.

We can manage any order quantity that our customers need, from prototypes and single latex pieces to full production runs reaching millions of parts overall. We build custom dipping equipment for full scale production accounts with customized dipping molds optimized for production efficiency and quality.


Dipping Applications

North American Latex Corp. specializes in latex dipped parts for medical and veterinary applications. We create hollow, thin wall parts for medical device assemblies such as:
  • Stethoscope Tubing
  • Blood Pressure Machine Pump Bulbs
as well as independent devices like:
  • Pipe Seal Bladders
  • Ostomy Collectors
  • Urinary Bags
Custom designed latex parts of all sizes can be produced for a variety of other applications such as Fluted Sewer Plugs, Caps, Gloves, Balloons and Toy Figures.

Thickness Limitations

Latex thin wall dip molded parts and coatings can range from 0.007" to 0.250" wall thickness. We are capable of holding tight tolerances due to our customized dip equipment and process variables.

Benefits of Dipping Material

Latex is used for insulating and chemical resistant applications as well as for abrasion resistance. Its ability to be molded into extremely thin walled shapes makes latex a popular protective barrier or coating for many medical products and applications.

All Material is medical grade natural latex available in a wide range of colors which can be matched upon request. Our customary color for conductive parts is black. The current color for bladders and bulbs is black. Ostomy products are amber latex. Other colors are available and can be customized in house to match existing colors. A wide range of durometers can be formulated to meet our customers' specifications as well.

Coating Applications

Latex thin wall coatings are used in many products for waterproofing, cosmetic issues and protective barriers. Please contact North American Latex Corp. for more information on latex coating applications and specifications.

Tooling Specifications

We create all necessary dip molds and tooling in-house. We also customize our dipping equipment or design and build original production lines based on our customers' specifications and order volume. Dip tanks, conveyor lines, automated de-molding stations and all production variables can be created to meet our customers' part dimensions and tolerances as well as production volume.

Production Lead Time

For custom made tooling, typical production lead times are 30 days.

Packaging & Shipping Information

All latex dip molded parts are passed through our Quality Control department prior to packaging and shipping. The degree of inspection depends on our customers' specifications. Items can be packaged individually, labeled, bagged or assembled at our facility prior to shipping. We have drop shipping and JIT (just-in-time) shipping options as well as standard shipping capabilities.


·  Amber Latex Collector

·  Double Stem Bladder- Latex or Neoprene

·  Single Stem Bladder- Latex or Neoprene

·  Double Stem Small Bladder- Latex or Neoprene

·  Latex Bag

·  Latex Tube

·  Latex Bulbs

·  Latex Bladders

·  Miscellaneous Amber Latex Dip Molded Items

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