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Neoprene Dip Molding

North American Latex Corporation began developing products using latex-free Neoprene (chloroprene). This product has the performance qualities of latex but is an alternative for those who developed allergies to latex. We currently offer our bladders, bulbs and various other products in chloroprene to meet the needs of the industry. Custom neoprene dipped parts can be molded from a variety of 2D and 3D drawing or CAD files. Prototype or short-run parts are provided if necessary; however our facility can handle extremely high volume production runs of 5,000 to 10,000 parts per day.


Dipping Applications

Neoprene dipped products are ideal for medical and veterinary applications such as bladders, bulbs and coil tubing. Neoprene is also used within the toy industry for flexible dip molded toys or toy components which are safe for children with latex allergies. It is also an excellent material for chemical resistant and ozone resistant applications.

Thickness Limitations

Neoprene dip molded wall thickness can range from 0.007" to 0.250". Tight wall thickness tolerances can be maintained by controlling all dipping settings such as time, speed and drying conditions.

Benefits of Dipping Material

Neoprene is a flexible, inflatable synthetic material with all the mechanical properties of latex, but without the proteins found in natural latex that often cause allergic reactions. We stock a variety of medical grade neoprenes in various colors and durometers. Our customary colors are Black and Red Brown; however, other custom compounded colors are available. A variety of surface finishes and textures can be achieved with neoprene. Please contact us for more information on neoprene dip molding.

Coating Applications

Neoprene coatings are used widely for waterproof coatings as well as for abrasion protection and dampening purposes. Neoprene coatings are generally applied to:
  • Exercise Weights and Other Fitness Equipment
  • Gloves, Aprons and Other Fabric Items
  • Hoses, Tubing and Wires

Tooling Specifications

Tooling is custom produced in house to reflect the needs of individual production runs. Single or multi-cavity tools can be machined, blow-molded or cast depending on the level of detail and production volume. Tools can be made from a variety of materials including aluminum, stainless steel and plastics.

Our automated dipping lines can be customized for tool size, dip time, dry time as well as secondary steps such as hole punching, cutting, deburring and assembly operations.

We reverse engineer our tools from existing parts, obsolete parts and broken parts if necessary.

Production Lead Time

For custom made tooling, typical production lead times are 30 days.

Packaging & Shipping Information

All items produced by North American Latex Corp. can be packaged and shipped as per customer specifications. We have drop shipping services as well as JIT (just-in-time) shipping services. We can accommodate inventory storage for JIT shipping purposes.


·  Black Neoprene Coil Tube

·  Double Stem Bladder- Latex or Neoprene

·  Single Stem Bladder- Latex or Neoprene

·  Double Stem Small Bladder- Latex or Neoprene

·  Neoprene Knee Bladder

·  Large Red Brown Neoprene Bladder

·  Small Red Brown Neoprene Bladder

·  Red Brown Neoprene Coil Tube

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